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8 Guidelines for Managing Remote Workers

1.  Establish daily “check-ins” with their manager via phone or video.
2.  Provide communication technology options other than their phone and email, such as video conferencing, like GTM or Zoom.
3.  Establish rules of communications engagement with the team, such as text messages for urgent items.
4.  Provide opportunities to promote social interaction:

  • Periodic team video conferencing.
  • Periodically schedule a “pizza party” – have pizza delivered to team members at a specific time
  • Start with short “catch-ups” for personal life

5.  Get periodic feedback.

  • Ask: “How is the remote working situation working out for you so far?”

6.  Be a leader. Don’t communicate stress and helplessness. Make comments like:

  • We’ve got this”
  • This is challenging but I know we can handle it”
  • Let’s look now for ways to focus on our strengths”

7.  Discuss ways our team can be more productive and help the company. Examples could include:

  • Focus on ecommerce. What could we easily start selling? Training webinars?  Inexpensive relevant products? Use digital ads for immediate sales.
  • Sharpen our own saw” with online training.
  • Develop ROI case studies of current customers to provide to salespeople to help convince prospects.

8. Discuss ways the team can add value to current customers.

  • Increase interactions with them.
  • Send them useful information, a relevant book or food.
  • Listen to their challenges.
  • Upsell and cross-sell as appropriate.

John AsherAbout Author: John Asher is CEO of Asher Strategies providing online and virtual sales training to help businesses close deals faster.

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