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Content Alchemist

Jen Granger is our Senior Marketing Strategist. She has over 20 years of experience developing marketing strategy, content, and websites for industry-leading companies in food & beverage, fintech, education, healthcare, recreation, retail, and technology.

Over the years, Jen has learned that one of the key drivers to success is gathering audience insights and data about the audience pains and priorities to ensure high engagement with the content they consume. Her highly collaborative approach creates a great environment for client and agency teams to deliver on marketing goals to achieve your desired results. Jen has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Towson University.


Towson University BS in Mass Communication

My Digital Marketing Strategy

“The best way to engage with customers is through the age-old use of storytelling. Understanding your ideal customer and engaing them through a narrative to communicate messages through their customer journey from interest to retention can deliver amazing results. And you’ll love sharing the story of your KPIs too.”
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