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The National Academy of Social Insurance is a nonpartisan, membership organization made up of over 1,000 of the nation’s leading experts on social insurance. They wanted to elevate their visibility as the go-to source for the latest thinking, research, and expertise on social insurance, especially among policy makers, advocates, and professionals seeking to advance economic security solutions to the many challenges facing the nation. They needed to clearly articulate the value they deliver to members, partners, and the communities they serve in their brand messaging as well as create a more modern, visually appealing website.


Clearly Articulate Our Value and Impact
Our talented Atigro team prides itself in helping organizations create websites that accentuate their positive value not currently being felt in their communities. We worked with The Academy to create brand and content strategies that reinforce their thought leadership position by creating and revising their brand narrative to help target audiences quickly understand who NASI is and why NASI matters to them.

Migrate from Drupal to WordPress
Not only did we redesign the website with a modern “look and feel” and strong SEO-based messaging, but we also migrated the site from Drupal to WordPress, moving thousands of pages of content to the new template. Many of these pages were HTML and required format updates but we also transformed many PDF pages to HTML for better search engine visibility. Additionally, we created a complex custom CRM integration and a highly useful member portal. 

Atigro brought together a comprehensive team that accomplished all of these necessary features for The Academy — so they did not have to spend an inordinate amount of their time coordinating between various vendors and cross-functional changes.


“Highly recommend. The National Academy of Social Insurance has benefited greatly by working with Atigro. Through a highly collaborative process to clearly explain what we do and why it matters to our members, partners, and the communities we serve, Atigro helped us articulate our value and impact as the go-to resource for the latest thinking and in-depth research on social insurance. They have created a more modern, visually appealing, and more engaging website (expected to launch soon) that we expect will serve us well for years to come.”

– William Arnone, Chief Executive Officer, National Academy of Social Insurance

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