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From tech-jargon to compelling differentiators

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Problem: This software-as-a-service (SaaS) had an innovative solution to a common business challenge. The company delivered enormous value to its clients but was poorly differentiated in a crowded market. It needed to succinctly explain how it was significantly better than competitors.

Solution: We began by interviewing clients and subject-matter experts. These insights pointed to key differences that make them unique. From there, we distinctively positioned them using terms their clients valued and continue to support their ongoing SEO, content strategy, and sales collateral.

Impact: “Now, we have better conversations with our clients. Prospects recognize when it’s time to talk to us and partners know when to initiate discussions. This investment has taken the friction out of our sales process for us to own a distinct market position.”

– Michael Thompson, VP Sales & Strategy, Sky Data Vault

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